Lf Front loader like this


I have this.

anything you want in particular or are after? have 50/150 grease trap, alot of random guns, some good artifacts and fl4k class mods, guns are all m10 50/150, 300/90, 200asa things like that…no more of the overpowered guns yet unleas you’re looking for some gamma burst

I could really use that shield too. What would you like

300/90 Sandhawks?
Id be interested as well in a quality Atom Bomb Otto Idol mine isn’t that great.
Psn: Loladan

It really needs electricity resist otherwise I’d be interested in it

to bad the anoint is useless)=


Front Loader Shock resist 20% (Sorry no pic)

Capacity 25663
RD 5.7
RR 2349

Reserves 60%
+50 Capacity
ASE 50% Shock for 10 seconds

perfect, I’d love it, anything you’re after?


Any stnl sandhawks, 50/150 or sntl 100 gear?

I have a 300/90 full auto sandhawk

Any seeing dead class mods? Soulrenders? Mirv tacular hex? DLC 2 weapons?

Sent you the shield, enjoy. Just give me the next sntl 100 or 50/150 you get.

needle gun, grease trap, pointy linage[1762x5], night hawkin, I have a regular q system (4256x2), consec hit electric anarchy…theres more if you dont want any of that

Anyone got a front loader M10 with bonus shock annoint?

if the nighthawkin is stnl cryo burst fire not auto I would take that, if not then send me the grease trap, thanks.

tyvm I sent a few things to show my appreciation!