Lf frozen heart or stop gap

Looking for frozen heart or stop gap with the activate shield break ability on action skill. Don’t care if it’s level 60 or 57. Let me know what your looking to trade I have some of the new dlc guns along with some older stuff.

I have in a 57. Let me know what M10 level 60 weapons you have.

I have a miscrent, a few harolds, a gargoyle, a baby maker, a jackhammer, a few flippers, a barrage, rowans call, star helix, dictator, spade, plumage, sastifaction,

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I think you should see a specialist :nerd_face:

Do any of these weapons have ASE elemental damage?

The miscreant is (cryo and is a cyro variant)
Flipper (ase shock and is corrosive variant)

I have both, frozen heart 57 stop gap 60. Lf r4kk p4kk class mod

I have a few level 57 class mods. Are you looking for them to have anything specific? I can post what I have later when I get home.

If you haven’t received a stop gap yet I have the unwavering stop gap level 60

I haven’t yet, are you looking for something specific?