LF frozen snow shoe

Specially one with ASE, action skill cooldown rate.

I have many items to trade, just let me know what you’re looking for.

I will have a look in the morning for you buddy.

Much obliged!

Thank you for the redistributer today as well

I’m glad I can help out!

Sorry bud I forgot to check for you. I will try to remember today. If you haven’t heard from me maybe shoot me a msg on Xbox.

No worries at all! Whenever you get a chance.

these are the only ones I’ve gotten so far

That one with the SNTNL movement speed I could definitely use

I will get you a copy and send it your way. Probably tomorrow though If that’s cool

Wherever you can works out perfectly!

Thank you!

I’m looking for the same shield. Is there anything you are looking for?

Shock cutman and fire cutman with iron bear exit 160 splash dmg. Or shock cutsman with 125 to bosses on ase. Gt is Ye olde wolf. You can add me and send me a msg on Xbox reminding me what your looking for.