LF: Frozen Snowshoe Shield, M10 Fire Kaoson, M10 Kaoson w/ 150 rad under 50

Looking for a few items that seem to elude me:

-Frozen Snowshoe Shield: I haven’t done much Maliwan Takedown so I have never seen this. I have only just tried it for the first time last night and it was at M10 so it was a bit brutal. Hoping to find this by another means since the looting is so jacked up now. This will be for Moze so prefer an anointment that is beneficial to Moze.

-M10 Incendiary Kaoson. I have farmed about 7 of these but most are at M6 or M8…none at M10 and none have incendiary. This is for an incendiary Old God Amara build so any anoint that benefits Amara is preferred.

-M10 Kaoson w/ 150% Radiation under 50% health anoint. This is for Moze and I’m looking for that anoint specifically. I would prefer Cryo based but Incendiary, Kinetic or Radiation would also work.

I have various items I could trade but I’m not a prolific farmer so no clue if I will have something to trade.

For Kaoson with 150% radiation under 50% health, I have cryo (full auto), corrosive (x2 full auto) and non elemental (full auto). For incendiary Kaoson, I have one with 200% ASA (x2 burst).

Probably the only item I am interested in at the moment is shock SandHawk (semi auto) and incendiary Monarch. Both with some usable anointment.

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That cryo with 150 rad full auto sounds amazing. Incendiary also sounds good. Unfortunately, I don’t have the items you seek. I have not even attempted farming the SandHawk and though I have farmed for a Monarch I only got 1 and it has no element. I got lucky and got one on my first KV kill then have never seen another one drop.

I’ll keep a look out for what you mentioned and let you know if I find one. If you figure out anything else you might want in trade let me know. Thanks.

I have sent you private message.

If you still need any of them, let me know. I have all but the snowshoe. I have an x2 Kaoson fire with consecutive hits anointment.

Still looking for a Frozen Snowshoe with any usable Moze anointment if anyone finds one. Still also looking for an M10 Cryo Kaoson with 150/50 Rad anoint.

Well I finally got one farming with Amara but…

Soooo…willing to trade this for one with a Moze anointment! lol

I got you. Check your mail.

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Nice man! Thank you for that. I have found a good number of those Kaoson but that Cryo version with my Moze anoint has eluded me.Awesome ty. Now I just need the shield to complete the build but maybe I’ll give it a dry run with this wrong anoint version. :smiley:

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I have a shield… but it as a 50% ASE anoint. Would that work for your build? I’ll send it to you and you can use it or sell it. I’m not going to use it.

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Yeah sure. It beats this Amara version. I think most of the Moze specific ones don’t work that well now anyway with IB (and by extension AB) being busted.

Yep… That’s why my current Moze build is a Mindsweeper variant with a deathless artifact and mostly all 150%/50% Rad anoints. She’s beast, but the play style requires you to always be able to get out of FFYL. A definite glass cannon but so much fun to play!

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This is working really well together. That cryo kaoson combined with that anoint is crazy good. Even better than I was hoping for.

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Nice! Yeah, that anoint on the Kaoson is godly. It’s the best overall weapon in the game right now. Why is it you wanted the snowshoe shield?

I been working on a particular type of build for a long time. The Rad anoint has helped me to make it viable along with some stuff I stole from a Joltzdude build called Firehawk Moze. It uses a Snowdrift Deathless, Bloodletter and the Snowshoe. It allows you to use the Snowdrift to slide into enemies (or just hit them with the snowball at distance) which depletes shield, freezes enemies and instantly refills shield and triggers Tenacious D repeatedly so it’s always up. I’m still working out some kinks but will post a bit more info of it soon.

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