LF/FT OP_Haunter's Shop incl. [Have]

PSN: OP_Haunter

Laser Sploder
Any Element with +125% to badasses or+100% weapon dmg
Relics, Classmods
And annointed shields

Have: Anointed

Fire Crossroad ( 125%vs Bosses)
Cutsman (100% Projectile Speed)

Face-Puncher (100% Melee)
Brainstormer (100% Melee)
Cocky Flakker (50%Fire 2 Mags)
Butcher (100% Weap. dmg)
One Pump Chump (50% Fire dmg 2mags)
Conference Call (50% After Rakk)
Boring Gun (30% Crit)

Lucians Call Coro (Iron Bear 40% Fire)
Lucians Call Cryo (Fl4k 30% Lifesteal)
Barrage Rad (100% Weap dmg)
Barrage Cor (100% Melee)

Annexed Lyuda (Shock) (100% Melee)
Resolute Lyuda (125% vs Bosses)
Headsplosion (50% Cor dmg 2 Mags

Maggie (Iron Bear 40% Fire dmg)
The Duc (125% vs Bosses)

MIRV-Tacular Hex Shock (reg. Grenade after Skill)

Non Anointed:
Mirv-Tacular Hex (Rad)
Recurring Hex (Cryo/Shock)
Diluvian Firestorm
Annexed (Fire/non ele) Lyuda
Snowdrift Loaded Dice
Snowdrift Deathless
Snowdrift Otto Idol

And some more


I have one looking for Cryo anointed Lucians with 1.5 zoom. Fire Rowan’s 1.7 zoom, icebreaker Otto idol

sadly don’t have any of that :confused:

Well just a tip then you may want to post what you have if your serious about getting one as most people just ignore threads that don’t list their haves and then in a situation like where 8 I responded no one is gonna keep asking if you have this or that or this or that.

Just list what you have

can i get that diluvian firestorm, and recurring shock hex? I have an annointed laser sploader , just not sure which one it is

Is your echo or flakker annointed for gunner? I have a laser splooder 100 dmg.

Sure just add me

The Flakker is annointed for 50% Fire dmg next 2 mags

the Echo is already gone sadly

Geez you still got so much stuff left. Can I get a Resolute Lyuda? Sinsinatti :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

ps. thanks for the grenades you already gave me!

I would need the headsplosion if u dont mind :slight_smile:

Sure just add me

How much for Recurring cryo hex

Watching now movie. Catch u later

thanks man i added you my psn is Tidus23962

can i also get the cryo lucians call with the flak annointed

look at my LF

Sent in Mail

Sent mail :slight_smile:

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