LF G-roll R4kk P4ks, 125% Recursions

Hey forum,

I’m looking for any g-roll R4kk P4k mods & 125% Recursions that aren’t already on my list

My trade list: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10sPdZHFVQhVTvu3nihwmdXlVVXbbPOKqI64Ktod06xc

interested in the its piss 50% corrosive
I have a shock corrosive 125% ASE Splash recurrsion

I’m interested in the tactical rakk pakk and reinforced raging bear. You can see the mods/recursions I have here:

Would u be willing to trade one of your laser-sploders i dont have any rakk but i have a phasecast 250 dmg boost storming vicious lyuda

got r4kk p4kk 45% Jakobs Weapon Critical Damage/ 18% Damage Reduction/ 31% Sniper Rifle Damage if interested, msg me on xbox(Gt: tomerbe1)

I’m interested in these:

Crader’s EM-P5, Disciplined -ASE 2 Mags 50% Corrosive

Hex, Recurring - ASE 50% Bonus Rad Damage

The Dictator, Nuclear - Gamma Burst 65% Rad Damage

Stop-Gap, Gorging (Level 1)

And if you still have any R4k P4kk too.

My trades:

I’ve got you a recurring hex with 50% rad, I’ll trade for the recursion ASE 100% damage if its x2