LF: Gaige Skins and Heads

Recently started playing the game again for the XB1 and would love some help getting some of the skins and heads for Gaige. GT is same as username.

Also would anyone have any info on whether or not it’s possible to still get the community skins and heads for 2013? I’ve been trying to get the ones for Gaige but everything I’ve been reading contradicts itself.

You can check the patch notes on the BL2 support page. Pretty sure it lists them as added as rare world drops, so the more time you spend looting things in the game, the better your odds of finding them. RNG is still RNG though, so good luck!

I’ve read a few times that it was changed and doesn’t actually drop though.

Well I don’t know what you’ve read and where, but there are no reversions listed in either the update or patch notes. The last update includes this item:

It’s possible that some folks misinterpreted the “permanent hot-fix” notation, but all it means is that a fix previously implemented in a hotfix is now a permanent fix thanks to the update.

“World drops” is a pretty big loot pool, so the odds of getting one specific item from it are pretty slim. Maybe some people expected the drop rate to be higher than it was and got disappointed?

Suppose that’s a possibility, do we know what the actual drop chance is? I played on PC and got them originally that way, but it’s been forever since I played and the codes and such don’t work for them anymore.

Not really. You get a chance at a skin/head, and that’s listed in the “Inside the Box” article on the BL2 loot system. However, you then have different odds for the different rarities, and then a random draw from all the skins/heads in that pool. The short answer is, just keep looking while you do other things.