Lf gamma anointed maggie and fl4k god roll class mods

Lf gamma burst anointed maggie and fl4k class mods with good rolls

I have:

Cut purse otto idol

Elemental projector deathless

Elemental projector otto idol

Star helix ASE apply terror every 5 secs

Gratifying devil’s foursum ASE terror 5 secs

Hyperfocus ASE 125 dmg

Shredifier gamma burst 65% rad

Fearmonger while terr Inc dmg and fire rate
Rowans call shock while terr chance for projectile

Tidal wave phaseslam 300 dmg

Tks wave phase cast 250

Health rerouter melee chance to apply terror

Catalytic recharger after phaseslam melee dmg 200%

Big boom blaster while terr gain health regen

Front loader after phaseslam 200% melee

Hipitty hopper regen grenade on skill start

Fearmonger while terr gain ammo regen

Lyuda ASE 50% corrosive dmg

Defrauding crossroads corrosive consecutive hits increase weapon dmg 1% per hit

Storming sickle shock swapping with digiclone grants 130% weapon dmg

Engulfing super shredifier

Nova berner on ASE gain 50% shock dmg with weapons for 10 secs

Spark plug static charge