LF gamma burst annoint/ radiation ase weapon

With the fl4k gamma burst naoonted buff I’m looking for just about any real solid legendary with that annointment that’s either fire,corrosive, or normal bullet damage. Also looking for any weapons with ase radiation
I have quite a bit of fl4k gear to offer like a. Bunch of Maggie’s with different annointments and just about any good moze splash annointed weapon u can think of as well as good mods.

I’ve got a few things

Got a Kyb’s 160% exit Iron Bear?
Mendels Multivitiman Shield anoit action skill cool down inscreased?
Well rolled Bounty Hunter COM with points in most dangerous game?
Raging Bear COM?

I got the kybs

Damn I only see 1 gamma burst item u have and it’s not a good one sry bud

Like this???

(While gamma burst is active you deal 115% rad extra damage)

Would you trade for a gamma annoint incendiary redistributor?

Hellz yea

sent you a dm.

I’ve got a Maggie with gamma burst

i have an alchemist, night hawkin, brainstormer and rebel yell with gamma burst