LF Gamma Burst anointed weapons, H God roll spiritual Driver, etc

LF :
Gamma burst anointed weapons :
-Dictator all elements
-Fire and Shock cutsman
-Flakker (Fire or no element)
-Kyb’s Worth (all elements)

H: -God rolls mod (Phazerker, Spiritual Driver, Red Fang, Bloodletter,…)
-A lot of R4kk anointed weapons (maggie, brainstormer, gatlin gun, headsplosion, etc.)
-A lot of phaseslam 300% anointed weapons (All cutsman, maggie, etc.)
-Hex grenades with element at ASE -Everything for a Tediore Moze build
-Guns with +50% cryo on terror (brainstormer, maggie, cutsman, etc.)
-Guns with +50% cryo on STLN (maggie, brainstormer, LC, etc.)
Ask anything !(modifié)

I have this. Let me know if you are interested.

Spiritual Driver +2 Helping Hands +3 Mindfulness +25% Weapon Damage +31% Action Skill Cooldowm +31% Shotgun Damage

Do you have a Maggie 100% Rakk?

Hi ! I actually have a spiritual driver, it’s in my H list, not my LF list^^