LF Gamma Burst anointed weapons

I’m looking for some Gamma Burst anointed weapons for my Fl4k. Main things I’m looking for is a Maggie and Flakker (Fire or Radiation) with the anointment while Gamma Burst is active deal 65% bonus radiation damage. If you have any of these weapons let me know. I have weapons, class mods and shield for all characters and if there’s something specific your looking for just let me know. Thanks

I have these available if your interested-

I’m interested in that Ogre, that you looking for trade ?

I am looking for an anointed Facepuncher for Amara, Melle damage if possible. And also looking for Brawler Ward shield.

I have a after action skill melee damage is increased by 200% face puncher or these mods

Oh wait Breaker mod or Brawler shield ?

My bad Brawler shield if possible

I have that, don’t have a pick unfortunately tho. 100% melee damage after action skill use ?

Cool, well I would like both the Facepuncher and Brawler if possible. Is there anything else you need? I have this cutsman-

I have a cutsman. Do you have a Anointed Maggie with 100% weapon damage after action skill use ?

I have an anointed Maggie, just don’t remember if it’s that anointment or not. I will look when I get home from work. I might have an anointed Unforgiven with that 100%.