LF Gamma Burst Dictator and Gamma Burst Sickle

Been farming for these with no luck. Have lots of Phaseslam/Phasegrasp/Rakk Attack gear I got in the process. Let me know what youre looking for.

Psn: psDrEw66


I have both.

I’m looking for…

Last Stand Loaded Dice with Mag Size and hp regen

Corrosive 250% Phasecast Infinity

Power Syphon Transfusion Tracker in Corrosive with grenade thrown anointment

I do not have those items. If you use phasegrasp/phaseslam, I have a bunch of those (Occultist, Lucky 7, Laser-Sploder Cryo/Coro, Faisor, Fearmonger, etc). Ive got Phasecast Ion Cannon Kinetic, Itchy Flakker, Butcher Cryo. Also some Rakk Attack items.

Friend request sent, I have the Maggie.

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