LF "Gamma Burst" FL4K gear! *Refined Post with lists*

Stuff I’m after…
Anointed rad. Vosk’s Deathgrip (+65% rad. dmg.)
Anointed Marksman Red Suit (50% rad dmg.)
Anointed rad. Recurring Hex (Regen. grenade)
Anointed Dastardly Maggie (+125% Damage.)
Anointed rad. Scourge (+65% rad. dmg.)
Elemental Projector Otto Idol (+ rad. dmg., Cooldown, + gun dmg.)

Stuff for trade…

Anointed Craders EM-P5 (15% Lifesteal)
Anointed Powerhouse Tanksman’s Shield (2 mags corrosive)
Anointed Powerhouse Tanksman’s Shield (enemies damaged by Rakk Attack take 100% dmg)
Anointed Subsized Butcher (2 mags corrosive)
Anointed Venomous Hornet (+50% dmg to enemies below 25%)
Anointed Hostile Conference Call (250% Phasecast)
Anointed Shredded Scourge (+100% dmg ASE)
Anointed DP Occultist (2 mags corrosive)
Anointed Casual Boring Gun (increased proj. speed)
Anointed The Duc (Extra proj. while terrified)
Anointed Cunning Wagon Wheel (+crit. dmg. While terrified)
Anointed The Companion (Heal from terror)
Anointed DP Shredded Lasersploder (reflect bullets while terrified)
Anointed Burning Potent Alchemist (apply terror)
Anointed Molten Dictator (reduce incoming dmg. While terrified)
Anointed Cocky Flakker (+125% dmg.)
Plus more…

Anointed Echo-Shelter Messy Breakup(exiting FA creates a nova)
Anointed Evolutionary Stop-Gap (reflect proj.)
Anointed Field Medic Front Loader (Regen health)
Plus more…

Elemental Projector Deathless (+pistol dmg., +1666 shield, + rad dmg.)
Ice Breaker Cosmic Crater (elemental res., rad. res., corrosive res.)
Plus more…

I also have a bunch of Class Mods including the new Moze Raging Bear and Grenades but this post is getting rather long… just comment or message me.

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I have a rad pestilence with that annointment and the scourge. I would like the cradle EM-P5 and the rough rider. Add me Xmatix_proX if you would like to trade.

Is the Scourge a Radiation variant with the GB anointment?

Sadly a non elemental, but it does have the rad on gamma annointment

I’ll do the Rough Rider for the Pestilence. I’ll pass on the Scourge.

Xilent-Killa is my PSN.

Cool. The maggie you are looking for is with 125% more dmg on bosses?

Post edited with new items.

I don’t have a ton of gamma stuff but I do have a corrosive gamma butcher

I may have the EP otto idol. Do you have a good seein dead? Or st4k bot?