LF Gamma Burst Fl4k items lvl 53

Good day, gamers! I’ve decided to try out this build, but, unfortunately, i have no idea which items do i need to use.
I will appreciate any hints, and i’ve got descent ammount of stuff to trade!
My PSN is AuZK33

Hello. I can help with Gamma Gear. I’ll be on later.

PSN: Sefiroh

Just include the topic in the message.

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Hey what are you LF? I have several Gamma anoints, but I am always LF more stuff.

I’ve got a Maggie, corrosive cutsman, rad redistributor and lump among other gammaburst weapons.

What would you like to get for them?
I am highly interested in those items!

I have some gamma burst stuff add mightguyyo and invite when you see me on. Should be within the hour

I’m searching for devil’s foursum, maggie, spinner, kyb, red suit, and elemental projector artifact.

Added. I’m AuZK33

Give me a few mins I’ll message on psn

I have a devil’s foursum with 100% dmg ASE if you want

Yes! What do you want for it?

if you have a lump, protuberance with good anointments or anything you wanna suggest. I ll send it to you with a few gamma items I have.

I didn’t even know about those items’ existance :smiley:
As for rocket launchers, i’ve got cryo scourge with bonus cryo SNTNL DMG, gamma scourge w/ bonus shock damage in action skill end.

do you have a transformer shield with elemental anointment?