LF Gamma Burst Gear and others! Have Vindicator Ghast Call!

LF gamma burst gear:
Retaliation Red Suit Anointed 20% CD
Night hawkin
Atom balm otto idol/deathless
Molten lyuda
Dastardly Maggie
Dp redline
Etc. LMK me know what else you got!

Also LF:
Masterwork crossbow +100/125 ASE
Transformer w/ apply terror 5secs
FL4K/Amara GR Mods
Anointed terror shields/nades w/ apply terror 5secs
Fire super shredifier +100/125 ASE
Etc. LMK me know what else you got!

HAVE Vindicator Ghast Call and plenty more lmk!

It may not be exactly what you want but I have an On ASE crit damage brainstormer that I’ll gladly trade for a vindicator ghast call

Anyone else out there?

I already have the Vindicator and a full set of Gamma Burst gear. Wish my Lyuda was Molten, but that’s it. I even got a Bekah in Gamma Burst.

All I’m looking for are specific Bloodletters and a good Pistol Phazezerker.

Hey bud I have alot of gamma items you need. Any chance you have a terror ammo regen nade.
IGN Beevis2222