LF Gamma burst gear (Maggie, corrosive Cutsmans, brainstormer, red fang with weapon damage) and last stand otto idol mag size relic

Looking for those things here is my list of things I have to trade

accepted by kyb’s?


I’ll trade this for your Maggie with 100% damage on ASE


Got a ton of Gamma Burst gear I think we have each other added GT is Super Kami Nero invite me next time and we’ll see what we can do bud.

I know you dont have them listed but do you have any x2 Quickies fire, shock or corrosive with the Iron Bear 120% anoint or Everblasts with the samw anoint?

Any chance u have any kind of lazer sploder for trade i had an itchy but it fell thru the map

Id trade for that??? JosephMichael91 msg me lots of gamma stuff

@perryjoseph3091 Looking for x2 Quickies in fire, shock and corrosive and this bloodletter roll 20191215_094934

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No this is the only thing i have related to rakks i also have a few artifacts that arnt to bad