LF Gamma Burst Gear

Hey! I am looking for Gamma Burst anointed gear. There are some particular weapons I am looking for but feel free to make an offer!

-Laser-Sploder - any element
-Crossroad - any element
-Cutsman - any element
-Linoge - any element
-One Pump Chump
-Rowan’s Call - any element
-Conference Call - any element
-The Butcher - any element
-The Duc


Got crossroad , cutsman , the flood, linoge , gamma burst . Got any laser sploders 125 or 100 ase single shot ? Or g rolls class mods ?

No laser sploders but I have some g roll coms. Particularly, a Bloodletter with 28% splash damage, 27% Grenade radius and 30% grenade damage as well as a Phasezerker with 5 in anima and 25% gun damage as well as damage reduction and speed IIRC