LF gamma burst items for my flak

Looking for several gamma burst items I know that will be hard to find or get a hold of.
The bekah
Kybs worth
The eruption
The brainstormer
The cloning cluster fbomb grenade with ase 25% or regen grenade in radiation
One pump chump
Queens/kings call
Rowans call
I have multiple top tier items for moze and Zane and some for flak as well let me know what your looking for.



Are we already friends?

If not message me your psn

I got a rowans call. Do you have r4kk p4kk?

I do not I traded it off awhile ago

I believe i have gamma brainstormer

I have gamma crossroad

I have the bekah with gb do you have a good antifreeze

What rolls you looking for my good sir

4 or 5 point in violent momentum

I’d have to check for sure to see what I have I’m at work and I won’t be on till 3PM today I work night shift but if you want you can send me a friends request psn: FallenDark200

Sadly I do not have any of the antifreeze with that high of a roll on it @darkarrow325 is there anything else your looking for?

Sntnl Cryo : Nukem Creamer ion laser Cheap tips Stalker fearmonger hornet looking for these

I’ll have to check in the morning if I have any of those I’m not sure I’m at work currently