LF Gamma Burst Laser Sploder / Crossroads / Lucian's Call

I’m looking for these weapons with Gamma Burst Anointment.
Got loads of good stuff for trade.

I have a crossroads and lucian’s cal to trade. Looking for these items:

  • Shock Lucian’s Call

  • Anointed Transformer

  • Shock Crossroads

  • Cryo Crossroads

  • Loaded Dice artifact with +sniper damage and +incendiary damage

  • Annexed Vicious Lyuda, (fire, Anointed +50% incendiary damage)

  • Gunner Bloodletter Class Mod, Hyperion roll (with a combination of SMG damage, crit damage, Hyperion damage, fire speed, gun damage, or hyperion crit damage)

  • Gunner Bloodletter class Mod, Vladoff roll (with a combination of assault rifle damage, crit damage, Vladoff damage, fire speed, gun damage, or Vladoff crit damage)

  • Siren Breaker class mod with a point in Find Your Center, +melee damage

  • Annointed fire elemental shotguns (phebert, butcher etc.) or Binary Cutsman with:

  • After using Phaseslam, Weapon Damage is increased by 300% for a short time.

  • After using Phaseslam, Melee Damage is increased by 200% for a short time.

  • After using Phasecast, Weapon Damage is increased by 250% for a short time.

Pop me a friend invite .

I added you. What are you interested in?

Hi guys,

I’m also looking for a Lucian’s call/Rowan/laser-sproder with gamma burst anointment.

If u get it in your bank and don’t need it, we could make a trade.

Let me know if you are interested !

Seeking lucians call with gamma burst if anyone can spare

Hey @nize2864

I have Gamma Burst: Lucian and sploder.

Im looking for Legendary:
Brainstormer x14 pelets and Gamma burst anointment
Redistributor Radioactive dmg and Gamma burst anointment
ION Cannon 20k Radioactive dmg x2 rockets and Gamma burst anointment

Last stand otto idol or Last stand victory rush
+skill cooldown
+shield recharge
+shotgun dmg / assault rifle dmg

Im looking for Purple guns:
Hedgehog Torgue Launcher (fire/corosive) with x2 rockets and gamma burst anoitment
Bagstick Torgue Shotgun (fire/regular) with x18 pellets and gamma burst anoitment

my epic id: Ferrum83