LF gamma burst rad guns

Looking for radiation guns with 65% gamma burst annointment. Loads to trade for it just let me know what you’re looking for. Tons annointed legendaries, class mods, and quite a few artifacts.

Curious to know if ur getting PMS cause I rarely seen with gamma burst annointed on them and my bro is looking for some thx.


I don’t have any legionaries with this anointment but I do have:

Epic Jacobs gaitlin style assault rifle
Epic Torgue pistol (radiation element)
Epic Malawan shotgun (shock & incendiary)

Let me know if you’re interested in any of these.

Laser sploder, pestilence are my top priorities with this annointment right now. I’d take a look at the rad torgue pistol though.

What’s your gamer tag? I’m not using it any more so I’ll just send it your way.
If you have any relics with some combination of health regen & action skill cooldown epic or legendary you want to reciprocate with it’d be much appreciated. If not, consider the pistol a gift.

I’ll check and see what I have. I’ll send you something good.

o Hired Gun o


Hey, I have crossroads, monacle, and one or two others with radiation and gamma burst annointment. Looking for rose thorn pistol with gamma annointment, or an artifact that has attombomb, otto idol, victory rush, some combo of the three with good mods. Msg me on Xbox TokenLivesMattr

Just sent the pistol your way. Hope it helps!

I have loads of gamma burst guns but also looking for a fire warlord with gb annointment

I have a gamma burst lead sprinkler and an underming crossroads with ASE do 20% bonus rad damage if you’re intrested