LF Gamma Burst/ Radiation fl4k gear

I am am looking for Radiation FL4k gear such as:
Radiation gamma burst protuberance
radiation gamma burst kybs worth
radiation gamma burst devils foursome
radiation gamma burst conference call
Well rolled red fang comm

I have:
Lvl 53 50% Rad ASE Redistributor
Lvl 53 Rad ASE Recursion
Lvl 50 100% DMG ASE Maggie
Lvl 50 100% DMG ASE x14 Brainstormer
A bunch of misc lvl53/50 gear (Majority ase dmg or fl4k anoint stuff)

Epic ID: krooked728


Any specific rolls for red Fang you are looking out for? In terms of modifiers that is, as I figure the skills don’t matter.

I have a Radiation Queens Call and Rowans Call both with Gamma Burst anointment.

Will trade either for the Rad Redistributer.

Epic ID; Mourning6Lory

ill trade for the rowans call
the queens call sounds nice too tho, anything else you might want?
added you


SNTNL Cryo Maggie and Redistributers are what I’ve been hunting . .

I sent you the Rowans Call

sent you the redistributor and a lvl 50 sntnl cryo maggie

stuff like weapon damage, jacobs crit, and jacobs dmg

Thank you! I hope you enjoy the Rowans Call.

I have a rad gamma burst Kyb’s if you are still looking.

Epic: Arthicrex

you need anything for it? added you

Have to ask, why are you stacking rad on top of gamma anoint? Wouldn’t something like cryo with Gamma be better as they cover each weakness?

I sent the Kyb’s. Check your mail.

If you ever come across a Rakk 100% Maggie, please send it my way!

I use a Rad weapon with Gamma Burst sometimes because I use an Atom Balm relic that has +Rad damage and +AoE damage so the explosions are stronger. I assume he is doing the same.

you can combine an elemental projector with a red suit to increase rad damage massively

thanks dude! ive got a 100% weapon damage lvl 50 maggie if you want it, otherwise ill keep an eye out for the rakk attack one

you can combine a red suit (immune to radiation) and an elemental projector to massively increase your radiation damage

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Wouldn’t that require me putting rad on myself periodically?

It could be more damage in the long haul since that would be a 96% boost in comparison to Atom Balms quirky mechanics. Problem would be finding one with the bonuses I have on that Atom Balm Otto Idol xD

i usually run a banjo or a victory rush for general mobbing but if i wanna squeeze the max dps out of my build i switch to the elemental projector otto idol. if you have a large splash rad grenade or a splash weapon like a devil foursome then its pretty easy to just aim at the ground to apply the dot to yourself.