LF Gamma Burst / Radiation The Lob, Krakatoa, or Maggie, Have other lvl 57 Anoint Lob/Krak/Mag for Trade

I’m looking for a radiation damage The Lob with Fl4k Gamma Burst 115% Anoint ,and a Krakatoa/Maggie with same anoint.

I have the following lvl 57 w/ Anoints:
The Lob : +50% Crit w/ Rakk Attack (have a fire and rad)
When enemies below 50% hp, does +25% (Lightning)
Krakatoa: ASE +125% dmg to badass, named, and boss
ASE +100% weapon damage
Maggie : ASE +50% Cryo for 2 Mags
ASE +30% lifesteal

Let me know if you have any interest, I have other items for trade.