Lf gamma burst redundant brainstormer

Also need a jakobs Crit red fang com
Have a few things for trade.
Shock ase Maggie
Gamma burst Maggie
Gamma burst bekah
Ase abundant recursion
Rakk pakk mod with jakobs Crit and damage.

I can send you one gamma burst brainstormer. PSN: DocHolydayIII

Hello, I’m looking for a gamma burst recursion and a brainstormer gamma burst too. I have a few weapons to trade. Thank you. My I’d on ps4 is DiegoMercury

I have a gamma Brainstormer.

Would love to swap for a gamma recursion, if you get one.

Sorry, I’m looking for that one too but, I have other gammas you might like. Add me , my ID is DiegoMercury

I have a GB recursion, would love to see the GB you have and any splash damage annoints as well.