LF Gamma Burst Shock Kaos///Gamma Burst Shock Rowan's Call

Idk why but I love the Kaos. Just haven’t been able to get a shock one to drop yet.

Okz still No Kaos…and that lootogram farm return rate is trash:) I did find a gun of robot jack I’ve not seen I’m sending. It’s for a gama build and is a rifle

Loot o gram is most certainly trash lol. I just hadn’t done it yet so I figured I would see for myself xD

And thanks! Been loving that gamma build. Little shakey on survivability compared to the Terror ase weapon I was using that gave me 25% everytime I used my Rakks, but still fun

Oh nice I love breath of the dying! Awesome you found it in a gamma burst anointment. Thank you very much my friend!

Anytime. I seem to do better farming Freddie than any other boss. Sadly 2 normal lucians, but one day left do who knows. I’d not seen that weapon I sent you before so I figured it was either real good or real trash :slight_smile:

Depends who you ask lol, I’m a fan of it but I’ve never had one drop with a good anointment.
I have a bunch of anointed lucians call, but have only ever seen one Rowan’s call that was anointed

I think my rowans is annointed but it is radiation weapon, not frost or shock. I’ll have to check. I started to send it but it was a rakk weapon not gamma