LF: Gamma Burst Stuff


I am looking for some gamma burst items for my Fl4K.

Lucian’s Call (Any Element)
Rowan’s Call (Any Element)
Zheitsev’s Eruption

I have a bunch of Anointed Legendaries to trade. Send me a message (IGN: DexMorgan85)

Do you have any of the following in gammaburst… star helix, warlord (except corrosive, kinetic), kaos(except fire), tankmans shield, headsplosion.

No sorry.

Hornet or searing nemesis with gamma?

I don’t have many weapons with gamma burst at the moment. Hence I am looking for them.

Are the Calls & Zheitsev’s Eruption the only Gamma Burst guns you’re looking for? I have a lot of Gamma Burst gear but not for the guns you listed.

EDIT: Just checked and I do have a fire Lucian’s w/ gamma burst, check your mail :wink:

Depends what they are. I have an affinity for the calls but I am willing to try others.

Thank you!

I don’t suppose you got a radiation recurring hex with on throw 25 annoint or corrosive or cryo infinity with sntnl cryo 100? I got cryo lucians with gamma annoint

I don’t have an anointed recurring hex of any kind at the moment. But I also already have a cryo gamma burst lucian’s call.

Thanks for the message though.