LF: Gamma burst weapons and some other stuff

Any decent weapons with the 115% gamma burst radiation anoint is what I’m looking for.

Specifically Maggie,Kybs,dictator, lyuda, and brainstormer

Also interested in an Atom Balm relic with decent rolls, specifically an Otto but looking at others too.

Still looking for a brainstormer with ase life steal

I have a bank full of stuff and am happy to see what you have!

GT: Raverzfantac

Any interest in a night hawking with gamma anoint?

Depends on the rolls, I have one already but the firing modes are not ideal for the weapon tbh

What’s your GT? I can send it to you. Oh I see it in the op…check your mail.

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I’ve got the lifesteal brainstormer.

At the moment I’m looking for artifacts:

Cutpurse Deathless (w/ affixes for Tediore Chuck Moze)
Last Stand Victory Rush w/ +Rad Dmg
Ice Breaker or Snowdrift Victory Rush - w/ cooldown reduction and either +cryo or +weapon damage

Any chance you have something along those lines?

I’m pretty sure I got a Maggie with the gamma burst anoint and I think i also have a brainstormer with the same anoint do you have a seeing dead Zane class mod

I got a life steak brainstormer last night but I’ll look to see if I have what you’re after tonight

Anything specific you’re looking for in the class mod? I’m most interested in the Maggie

do you have the seeing dead mod with 3, 4 or 5 to donny brook and any in the other two skills