LF gammaburst Clairvoyance

I have 100ase skullmasher, threat, clairs. Gammaburat hydrafrost, insider, moonfire. SNTNL Cryo threat, cuts, redibs, other weapons just ask.

I’ve got a few with the gamma burst annoint I’d be interested in trading for a 100 ASE Moonfire.

Dueling Clairvoyance
5405 Damage
4.85/s fire rate
mag size 8
2.1s reload
3.3x scope

Iron-Willed Clairvoyance Masher
3.23/s fire rate
mag size 20
3.6s reload
no scope

I’ve also got a gatlin’ variant but it has lower damage and firing rate than the dueling one I posted above.

My GT is Officer Scooby feel free to send a message if you’re interested.

Cleaned up my sentence structure my moonfire is gammaburst not 100ase. I am interested in both of those though.


Closed at OP’s request.