LF Gatlin Clairvoyance SNTNL 100% Cryo & Gatlin Lead Sprinkler ASE 100% Weapon Damage

Also interested in a good Phazerker Class Mod prefarably with weapon damage and/or SMG/Shotgun damage on it. Along with any elemental Hyperfocus with ASE 100% Weapon Damage and any elemental Conference Call other than Fire with the same ASE 100% Weapon Damage anointment.

I have a lot of good gear to trade including BiS gear. Mainly SNTNL 100% Cryo and ASE 100% Weapon Damage. Just let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll see if we can help each other out.

Feel free to add me on:



Let me know if you are interested.

Sorry bud I think you might of misread the ask.

I’m looking for Gatlin Lead Sprinkler as in the prefix “Gatlin” but the weapon itself is the Lead Sprinkler. What you’ve linked above is the actual Gatling Gun, they’re both by Jacobs and do look very similar, its an easy mistake to make.

:unamused: good luck in your search.