Lf gear for my zer0

I’m looking for the love thumper in all forms(mostly grounded) and the rapier slag version

I will trade u anything you want because over al my characters I probably have what your looking for
Gt BlueBandit76
Ps. All of this is op8

I dont have a thumper but i do have a grounded hide of terra And a slag rubi too but i’m looking for a fastball

Ok I have a few fastballs and u can just add me on Xbox and then message me when I get on

I have alot of the melee stuff ur looking for but it’s op8. Not sure wut lvl u needed, messed around with melee gaige for a bit but I’m over it now so if u want it I don’t need it.

Gt: beedub321

I won’t be on until tom but I will add u when I get on are there any legendaries that u are looking for that I might have