LF Gear in TPS (Handsome Collection)

If anyone has a spare Absolute Zero, Kaneda’s Laser, 3DD1.E Oz kit, Prismatic Bulwark, Heartfull Splodger that I can have for free I’d really appreciate it. My luck with Grinding and Drops are horrific. Looking for things to be Level 70.

don’t have much level 70 gear myself,
you are also watching the vending machines also?, as I have gotten a couple of the items your looking for there. I tend to run the machines at least twice with any toon I play the game with that night as well as any that I come to as I play the game, I’ve found there “Drop” rate is better then anything else in the game

I run through vending machines for about an hour or two before going off and playing normally, at which point I do the same thing and check any vendor I come across, but the best things I’ve found so far are Min-Min Lighter (I hate this thing with a passion) and Legendary Class mods for characters I’m not using or are even close to using.

I got lucky once so far with EOS and he dropped both an Absolute Zero and Kaneda’s Laser on the Story kill. Both 63 and still kill just about everything with some ease.

I have an Eddi.3 and Heartfull Splodger. Any chance you have a legendary celestial CoM for the doppelganger?

I don’t, sorry. I have One for Baroness and 2 for Gladiator floating around somewhere as well as an Enforcer. All 67-68 I’m fairly sure.

Dang! Don’t worry about it. I still got you. I’m at work at the moment though and the gear I have is all level 70 by the way

Alright, I’ll be around. Shoot a reply here when you get home. I can try and toss you some level 70 Purple Mods if you got the Moonstone to grind a Celestial one.

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!! I didn’t even think to hit the damn grinder! I’m sitting on max stones like ‘huh what do I do with these!’ You are a scholar and a gentle[insert gender here]

what level? I did get 1 from a vending machine a few nights ago, just can’t remember the level, will look and let you know

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Level 70 preferred but I will take anything 60 and up. You looking for anything specific?

Always hit the grinder when you can. Gonna make it my goal to farm for legendaries and try to grind out some better weapons when I can.

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I hit the grinder all the time to get new glitch guns as I have become obsessed with them. I forgot you can get CoMs from it though

let’s see, I got Money, Moonstones, Moxxi, nope I’m set. :laughing:

If I have it and you haven’t gotten 1 from the grinder you can have it

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Lol thanks man!