LF: gear that I don't have

i’m looking for level 53 gear for my toons that you don’t see on this list. weapons, shields, artifacts and class mods welcome. I really don’t need much Zane gear but I desperately need gear for the rest. I want Moze 18 seconds after exiting Iron Bear, and phasecast gear for Amara. I want gamma burst gear for Fl4k but I am open to offers for rakk attack gear as well. Thanks for looking and happy trading to you


Dastardly Maggie sentinel
Moar Linoge corrosive sntnl

Redistributor all sntnl
Eviscerating Mocking Kyb’s Worth x2 fire/shock sntnl
Eviscerating Mocking Kyb’s Worth x2 cryo/rad sntnl
Cutsman fire/corr/shock sntnl
Arctic Disciplined Night Hawkin sntnl
Hostile Crossroad fire sntnl
Terminal Polyaimourous fire/shock sntnl
Defrauding Crossroad corrosive sntnl
Handsome Jackhammer cryo sntnl
Disciplined Crader’s EM-P5 sntnl
Adapting Lethal Crader’s EM-P5 x2 sntnl
Firesale Long Musket ++ fire sntnl
Mocking Tsunami sntnl
Defrauding Bitch corrosive sntnl
Dangerous Destructo Spinner corr/rad sntnl

Lucian’s Call cryo sntnl
Breath of Dying sntnl/Digi-Clone
Itchy Gratifying Laser-Sploder rad-sntnl
Cost-Effective Optimized Q-System sntnl
Negating Damned cryo sntnl
Decaying Star Helix rad sntnl
Engulfing Shredifier x2 and x1 sntnl
Rowan’s Call fire/shock sntnl
Standardized Carrier sntnl
Overencumbered Optimized Carrier sntnl
Stimulating Gratifying Laser-Sploder shock sntnl
Moar Rapchury Zheitsev’s Eruption cryo sntnl
Hawt Pain is Power fire sntnl
Nuclear The Dictator x3 rad sntnl
Pestilent The Dictator x6 corr sntnl
Loyal The Dictator x3 sntnl

Redundant Savvy Phebert sntnl
Double Penetrating Bangstick x18 rad sntnl
Abundant Projectile Recursion corr/fire sntnl
Dangerous Kill-o’-the-Wisp shock sntnl
Speedloadin’ Hellwalker sntnl
Cash-Infused Brainstormer x7 sntnl 8 mag and 10 mag
Redundant Brainstormer x14 Digi-Clone
Burning Flakker fire sntnl
Redundant Viral Heart Breaker corr Barrier accuracy 60%, Crit 70%

Stimulating Scourge shock Digi-Clone
Shredded Scourge sntnl

Wedding Invitation fire sntnl
Vicious Lyuda sntnl

Druidic Stop-Gap sntnl fire resist 15% move speed sntnl
Pachyderm Stop-Gap cryo resist 15% move speed sntnl
Transformer sntnl 15% move speed sntnl
Sprinter Revengenader 15% move speed sntnl
Black Hole shock resist 15% move speed sntnl


Dastardly Maggie gamma
Dangerous Superball gamma
Unending Magnificent fire gamma
Unending Magnificent rakk attack
Unending Magnificent x2 shock rakk attack
The Companion rakk attack

Eviscerating Mocking Kyb’s Worth x2 corr/shock gamma
Cutsman shock/fire/corr gamma
Undermining Powerhouse Redistributor rad gamma

Lucian’s Call cryo/corr gamma
Engulfing Shredifier shock/kinetic gamma
Burning Potent Alchemist fire gamma
Unflappable Lead Sprinkler gamma
Nuclear The Dictator x6 rad gamma
Nuclear Faisor rad gamma
Standardized Carrier rakk attack
Rowan’s Call rad/fire gamma
Cost Effective Q-System gamma

Expert Shrieking Devil rakk attack
Speedloadin’ Hellwalker gamma
Itchy Pent-Up Kielbasa rad gamma

Shredded Tunguska gamma
Potent Nukem gamma
Shrinking Scourge cryo gamma

Wedding Invitation fire gamma
Storming Resolute Lyuda shock rakk attack
Vicious Lyuda rakk attack

Razor Red Suit 50% bonus cryo


MOARR Linoge corr phasecast 250%
The Companion phasecast 250%
Hawt Broosin SkekSil fire phasecast 250%
Expert Hellshock fire/shock phasecast 250%
Vicious Infinity phaseslam 300%
Iron Willed Unforgiven phasecast 250%

Adapting Zeroed Crader’s EM-P5 x2 phasecast 250%
Cutsman fire/corr/shock phasecast 250%
Undermining Shrewed Redistributor rad phasecast 250%
Handsome Jackhammer corr phasecast 250%
Arctic Ripper cryo phasecast 250%
Defrauding Hyperfocus XZ41 corr phasecast 250%

Searing Warlord fire phasecast 250%
Breath of Dying phaseslam 300%

Abundant Compressing Trevanator cryo/fire
Dueling Stagecoach x16 phasecast 250%
Subsidized Brainstormer x7 phaseslam 300%
Cash-Infused Brainstormer x7 phasecast 250%
Expert Trevanator fire/shock phasecast 250%
Hazardous Kill=o-Wisp phasecast 250%
Casual Flakker phasecast 250%

Stuffed Shredded Lump fire phasecast 250%

Wedding Invitation phasecast 250%
Executive Tankman’s Shield consecutive hits
Shrewd Tankman’s Shield ase next 2 mags 50% bonus rad
Vicious Lyuda consecutive hits


Eviscerating Mocking Kyb’s Worth x2 cryo/fire

Breath of Dying exit IB 160%

Casual Flakker exit IB 160%
Itchy Flakker rad exit IB 160%

Iron Willed Monocle next 2 mags 125%

General anointed

Pointy Linoge corr ase 100%
Dastardly Maggie ase 100%
Queen’s Call corr ase 100%
Hazardous Sellout lvl 31

Arctic Dauntless Night Hawkin ase 100%
Stark Devoted shock/fire ase 100%
Defrauding Executive Redistributor corr ase 100%
Binary Sublime Kyb’s Worth x3 corr/rad ase 100%

Venomous Relentless Kaos corr ase 100%
Breath of Dying consecutive hits, ase splash 125%, 15% life steal
Cost-Effective Optimized Q-System ase crit damage 25%
Cost-Effective Optimized Q-System ase melee 100%
Quick Draw Bekah ase 100%
Burning Nasty Alchemist ase splash 125%
Melty Dayumned Zheitsev’s Eruption rad ase 100%
Nuclear The Dictator rad ase 100%

Dueling Stagecoach x21 ase 100%
Flakker ase splash 125%
Abundant Compressing Trevanator cryo/fire ase splash 125%

Itchy Potent Quickie x2 rad ase 100%

Wedding Invitation ase 100%

Resonant Back Ham ase 50% bonus rad
Needler Red Card ase 30% damage returned to attacker
Transformer ase 50% bonus rad
Transformer phasegrasp
Transformer phaseslam melee 200%

Recurring Hex shock ase 50% bonus fire
Quasar shock OGT 25%
Epicenter OGT 25% and ase 50% bonus fire
Cloning Hunter Seeker OGT 25%
It’s Piss OGT 25%
Vindicator Ghast Call no anoint
Cloning Maddening Tracker OGT 25%
Storm Front OGT 25%

Sending some stuff to you.

Appreciate that. I’m making dinner but you can let me know if you want anything and I’ll try to get it to you before it gets to late tonight

It’s ok. I can check your list tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:

I need a shock variant of the cutsman for Zane