LF GHAST CALL, games being stubborn

I get fearmongers all day but no ghast calls. Anybody have one for trade or just generous?
Message me on psn if you can help. PSN chazzad

Thanks all

I’ve done haunt over 25 times and plenty of legendary items but not one of the new legendary’s from blood harvest.
It’s crazy because the videos online are saying they are easy to farm.
If by some luck I get two I’ll send ya one.
Good luck man.

If you want a fearmonger I got a few, it’s an okay shotgun. I believe they all dropped for me with radiation as the element.

That would be great my psn is KnownMac. If I do get two ghastly calls I’ll defo send you one if you haven’t got it by then :+1:t2:

I’ll send a request in a bit then