LF: Ghast Call grenade

Looking to see if anyone has a spare ghast call they are willing to part with. If you want something for it I do have some legendaries I’m willing to part with. Just let me know what you are looking for.

Do you have an anointed front loader shield?

I did have a terror anointed one until the imaginary holes in the floors of sanctuary ate it.

Haha it ate some of my stuff last night! It sucks. I throw my equipment on the table now when I dump them.

Yeah I tried to go to the lost and found machine to get it back but it wouldn’t spew it back out after I quit the game so it didn’t even view it as I lost it.

It sucks. You may have been able to quit the game and delete the last save file & attempt to go back to a previous save file…but it’s sketchy

Yeah don’t know how to do it on Xbox and being it’s sketchy wouldn’t even want to try. Too much time in what I have already.