LF Gifts for Elemental Amara Equip

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I think we have juste 50+ weapons but if you give your id, we’ll be able to send you stuff :slight_smile:

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Add me: Margoraider

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ops, I forgot to add it :smiley: . My Id is Bergamottus
thanks for you answer!


Updating infos, current level 44 and incresing :smiley:
Any help would be appreciated!
Have a good day

Mourning6Lory is my Epic ID if you would like to add me. Got some good gear for ya.

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I m adding you right now! Thanks!

Update: I m finally 53! Thanks for the equip you send me!
I tried a couple times to farm gravaward on Mayhem 2 but it’s probably still too early with my current equip.
Anyway, have a great day!

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I’ll invite you later when I get home from work and we can drop Graveward on M4 until your heart is content.

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Bergamottus, is there anything specific that you miss for your amara? Like a Maggie or Lyuda or so? Then feel free to add me and I’ll check my Bank…

Epic Name is identic to my Name here

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