LF: Globetrotr x6 and More


  1. Globetrotr x6 [Any Element] + Splash or URad
  2. Smog [Any Element] CH, URad, or Bonus element ASE
  3. Old God [Non-Rad element] matching element ASE. I’m also looking for a 3x Adaptive Old God no matter what the element or anointment.

I have a large array of things. Hopefully I’ll have the item requested, if not, thanks for the interest anyways.

I have old fire with ASE rad and smog corrosive ASA 200%

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That Smog sounds nifty.

I already have a Radiation OG w/ Radiation ASE so I’m just trying to catch’em’all at this stage.

The smog is yours then​:wink: Sorry, the old god is fire element with radiation on ASE. Remind me your PSN again :thinking:

PSN is iPayUrFrenZ.
Thank you kindly, buddy.

Oh it’s you,lol. Weapon in your mail in 5 minutes.
If you have some good stuff with urad or ASA anoint ( rad lightshow, rad backburner, rad trevonator )or hunter seeker radiation let me know.

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I do have a bunch of Rad Stuff.
I have a Rad Mitosis Hunter Seeker that I got not too long ago.
A friend gave me a URad Plaguebearer
I have a Ch1 Rad Infinity
just a bunch of stuff. I’ll see what I can toss your way when I get back on.

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The hunter seeker sounds very good!!!

tiniest of bumps.