LF Globetrottr cryo and monarch cryo

Hi, I am looking for a M10 Globetrottr launcher cryo hopefully with a 150 Rad anoint. However, other anoints could work. Also, looking for a Monarch cryo with a 150 rad anoint. However, other anoints could work.
I have a M10 Globetrottr shock 300/90, and a M10 Globetrottr shock 150/50. Always open to other trades. Thanks Tom dot66

I’m interested in the 300/90 Globetrottr. I don’t have anything on your list above. Anything I’m general you are looking for that I could possibly help with.

I am sure we can work something out. Do you have M10 Monarch -cryo or corrosive with a good anoint?, a smog SMG with a good anoint?, a different globetrottr with an anoint? a yellowcake with a Moze anoint or a splash damage anoint? A reflux with a good anoint (I have a SNTNL anoint and a Barrier anoint); a BackBurner cryo, corrosive, or shock with a good anoint? a redistributor cryo, corrosive, or shock with a good anoint? a fleshmelter deathless or fleshmelter otto idol with a corrosive stat? If none of these, please just suggest something. Thanks GT = Tom dot66

I have a redistributer cryo that I should be able to trade with you but I won’t have it for a couple of days as it’s on my buddies account and he’s out of town.

Great. Nice trading. I will send the globetrottr over. What is your GT?


Gear sent. Enjoy

I have a cryo monarch with ase 100% melee if you’re interested?

Thanks Jackthelad, but I would just insta sell that one because of the others that I already have.

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No worries mate, thought I’d offer

I have a cryo backburner with 100% weapon damage after rakk

Great, I will send you the 150 rad/50 globetrottr since I have already sent you the 300/90. I will send it a little later tonight. Thanks Tom dot66

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Sent buddy thanks again

Hey I’ll send over the redistributer tonight


Gear sent. Thanks