LF god roll bloodletter

… or one w damage rolls and max desperate measures.

Lemme know how I can return the favor.

Thanks for readin


I’ve got the heavy version of this. Weapon dmg, heavy dmg, splash dmg. Other 2 points are in PD.
I’m away for 4 days though. I’ll mail it then. We’re already connected.
If you ever get an SMG version I’m looking for that.
Weapon dmg, SMG dmg, the preferably weapon critical/Maliwan critical/fire rate/mag size/Maliwan weapon dmg/splash dmg.

Thanks man I have an dmg one I believe but the other things are forgettable. Tho I have one w msg and charge speed 62% really good for flipper. Don’t hold me to that tho it’s been a while til I check

I have one with weapon damage, splash damage, and splash radius. 3 points in the gun icon skill, and 2 in I think desperate measures

I’ve alao got one with 3 points in Desperate measures and 2 in Phalanx Doctrine with Weapon damage, splash damage, splash damage radius. Happy to send you that as well. It’s great but still not quite what I’m after.

I’ll take anything I can get. Just tell me how I can repay the favor

Ps the “gun icon” is desperate measures :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah hahaha my bad. I just sent you a fr. Ill send a couple your way when you accept if it’s soon. If not, when I jump on next

I’ll send as soon as you add me

It’s splash w weapon charge btw… not smg

Thanks lemme know how I can return the favor

You accepted later than I thought so I won’t be home for a few days now sadly but will send when I can