LF God roll classmods with splash damage Sand hawks and victory rush

phasezerker with splash damage/ weapon damage/ action skill damage/ smg damage/ pistol damage

Red fang with splash damage/ weapon damage/ action skill cooldown/ assault rifle damage/ pistol damage/ shotgun damage

Als looking for a corrosive and radiation sand hawk with sntnl or consecutive hits

Ice breaker victory rush with aoe damage/ cryo damage/ radiation damage/ mag size/

I have a redundant reflux with sntnl on me, got a cosmic stalker with 3 points to big game?

Yes got that. Fr send

I’ve got the Cryo Beacon. Not sure of the second element

What you need for it?

Just put a post up actually. There are some other things as well but gotta get my list together. I’m not online until tomorrow so can message via PSN if you like.
PSN is wonga-bunny.

i have the gargoyle. Send me a FR paco97214

Thanks. You need anything? Fr sent

Need to check. But I think I got an icebreaker deathless with good rolls. But it’s probably lvl57


Not quite mate. Have a better one. Dis your request come through? Can you send a separate PSN message just to remind me please.

Sure. Thanks

LF god roll classmods. Got some already on lvl 57 and some on 60, but almost none with splash damage

Also looking for sand hawks and victory rushes

I’m about to hop on, I’ll check and see what I have if you still need any of it, I’m interested in that icebreaker deathless