LF god roll flesh melter

Im looking for a god roll flesh melter. preferable stats 40% mag, corrosive damage, area of effect damage.

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Have one with Mag Size, AOE, and Incindiary Damage

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is it otto idol or victory rush? forgot to mention that I was hoping to find that as well.


I have several others I can check. One of them is a splatter gun.

Aw man that planetoid is perfect except for it being a planetoid lol. I’d still like to give it a try. What are you looking for? I’ll see if I have anything I can trade for it. If you find that you have other idols or victory rushes let me know

Looking for Phaseslam Phasecast Infinity Pistols, an Otto Itol with AOE and Incindiary Damage, and a 100% ASE Maggie that is 526 X6 Weapon Damage. (I have the 501 X6 Maggie) Various Q System ARs

I’m sure I have something out of that. I’ll look through my stuff and get back to you tomorrow evening. Pretty sure I have an infinity pistol

Dude I have that maggie!

I know you and probably 20 people that do, but my wish list is getting pretty thin and I’m giving people a chance to find something I don’t have. I just noticed the stats on mine the other day and realized it wasn’t the best roll. Thanks for saying something though .

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Thats when you start making it rain for those without.