LF God Roll Mind Sweeper

Looking for a god roll mind sweeper class mod. I have Bloodletter, Blast Master and Rocketeer god rolls to trade back. Also have just about any legendary, shield, artifacts, etc… if you want something specific.

Would like bonuses to splash dmg, weapon damage, smg damage, Shotgun damage or grenade damage. Skill points aren’t a big deal, but, if there is a bonus to Redistribution, wonderful.

PSN is N8d0ggz.

For a g-roll on mindsweeper… you’ll really want the 28% splash


Have one there, I wouldn’t class it as a god roll though, it has 25% weapon damage, 20% incendiary resistance and 50% weapon accuracy, if you’re stuck for one you can have it

Good point, I forgot that the proc’d nades deal gun damage type.

Thanks for the offer, I have a few coms that are at par with this one.

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Its not only that, splash weapons are benefiting from splash and aoe; the grenades are benefiting from both aswell as grenade damage. And to top it off, grenade + aoe can roll together on relics

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What about one with splash dmg, grenade dmg, and grenade capacity with 1 in redistribution?

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I’ll give it a shot. N8d0ggz. Lmk if you want anything in return.