LF god roll Moze class mods

I have nearly 10 days into my Moze overall, and nothing approaching a god roll anything. Esp. would like mind sweepers and blast masters.

I have some decent stuff for all characters, so can possibly trade if you let me know what you’re after :slight_smile:


Does it matter if it’s 65 ? i have god roll mind sweepers and Blast masters lvl 65 maybe 72 can’t remember

Not at all - 65 works just as well! I just can’t get anything good to drop.

Do you have any Fl4k class mod with Action skill cooldown or god roll artefact ( Ice Breaker , deathless … )

Got a couple of decent artifacts. Icebreaker victory rush with cryo rolls (damage, effiency and AOE), and one with SMG damage, AOE and mag size. Both 65, though. I do have one bounty hunter. I have a bounty hunter, too, with action skill cooldown, but also pistol and splash damage - again 65.

65 it’s fine add me Snaky_hilarious , i’ll send you what you want later ou tomorrow