LF God Roll Seein' Dead class mod

Looking for a God roll Seein’ Dead class mod. Have lots to trade, just let me know what you need. If you could help me out add me.

PSN: Mattgamer87

What do you consider god roll? There are so many combinations that can be considered.

Well to have 25% damage for sure then mabey pistol or SMG damage 3rd stat can be a little optional. But mostly damage increase stats.

I work late but will check when I get home. Wont be for another 6-7 hrs

Ok ty

FYI, I believe COMs can’t have 25% weapon dmg roll at the same time as a 31% pistol/shotgun/smg/etc roll. It’s either one or the other.

Mine Seein Dead COM is: Donnybrook +5 - - 25% Weapon dmg // 10% Maliwan dmg // 10% Vladof dmg

Please check my wants list for things I’m looking for: Have: Spreadsheet: God roll COMs, Amazing ION Cannons, anointed Redistributors/Cutsmans/Maggies/Kybs/EM-P5 // Need: Specific Artifacts + stuff

Well I just got one now with 25% damage / 31% smg / 31% action skill cooldown. But I dont really need the action skill cooldown stat and it doesnt have any points in donnybrook, so I still need a better one

Ah yes they can

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wow thats sick. i’ve never seen one with both out of the couple hundred that have dropped for me. lucky man!