Lf god rolls ....mods and artifacts

For every character! I have sum good stuff to trade.
Psn syn_theeo


I got a seein dead with smg damage weapon damage and magazine size increase with 2 in donnybrook

I have this one but thanks.

I have a spiritual driver with Hyperion critical damage, shotgun damage and action skill cool down rate.


Is the spiritual a lvl 53? And if thats the case, what do want for it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah it’s lvl 53 I’m looking for Otto idols or kyb’s worth for moze

Got a kyb’s with shock/fire and one with fire/cryo iron bear 160% splash. Might have some Otto idol. Take a look at my spreadsheet if u want:


The fire shock 160% splash has what size magazine?

Fire/shock: 24
Fire/cryo: 34

Are they x2 or x3?

I’m LF lv53 kings and queens calls gamma burst anointments and lv53 fl4k mods

Psn name?


Fr sent