LF God slayer bounty hunter and Double Down Shield ase

GT: Chef Boy JP#1164
[W] God slayer bounty hunter fl4k mod. With smg or assault damage.
[W] double down shield ase anoints any element
[H] I have lots of meta guns to trade (kaoson, yellowcake, opq, reflux, sandhawk, redistributor) and other mods. I also have asa shields, old gods, and many artifacts.

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I think I’ve got the bounty hunter your looking for,will check shortly and let you know here

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So I have : man eater bounty hunter with 35% assault rifle dmg, 11% atlas dmg and 51% Dahl weapon crit.
Frenetic bounty hunter with 35% assault rifle dmg, 11% atlas weapon dmg and 51% hyperion weapon crit.
Frenetic bounty hunter with 35% assault rifle dmg, 35% shotgun dmg and 35% heavy weapon dmg.

Let me know if any of those are good for you :slight_smile:

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I am interested in the first one the man eater and the third with the 3 35% dmgs. I just got on, I will be on most of the day. Going to add you know let me know when you are on and we can lobby up

Cool no worries buddy unfortunately I dont have a mic though. What sandhawks, kaosons and old gods you got?

I’m jumping back on in about 30mins if that helps buddy

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Sandhawks 50/150 every element
Kaoson 50/150 every element
Old gods (fire/fire ase) (shock/shock ase) (rad/ rad ase) (cyro/sentinal movement speed) others too but they are the ones i know off the top of my head

What anoitments would you like, ill check my bank in a moment and lyk.

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I’ll definitely grab that shock old god.
Do you happen to have 200asa or 300/90 on any of the weapons?

Actually I’ll grab the shock old god and a 50/150 fire kaoson for my two bounty hunters if thats cool with you dude. I’ll send them over now

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Sounds good going to dupe now and send over 2

Cheers buddy :slight_smile:

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Sent buddy

Sent too! Ty! Have a great day!

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Thank you,you too. Let me know if you need anything else for more trades :blush:

Do you need anything else for one of your 150/50 sandhawks?

Also looking for deathgrip, kings call, queens call, monarach, soulrender

I have two non elemental monarchs x4,one with didi clone regen ammo and the other gamma burst. And Two non elemental soulrenders 300/90 32 mag and 100 rakk attack 24 mag