LF: godroll Dastardly Stagecoach

LF: godroll Dastardly Stagecoach (x16 to x25, +100% damage on ASE) My lower tier Stagecoach (x16 with +corrosive damage) is fun, would be great to have this one.

Have lots of top tier anointed stuff to offer in return - recurring Hex’s, shields, phasecast guns, phasegrasp build stuff, my first born child [jk!]

Dastardly Stagecoach:

Willing to trade? What kinds of things you looking for?

Thanks for your reply! My PSN = bevross

Look here for my wanted list:

If you don’t have anything don’t worry I will still send you the shotty

OK – I’m off for the night but will check tomorrow. Your stuff is so specific, though, so odds are I don’t have exact matches :worried:

like i said it’s fine. I sent you the shotty just now.

Thanks! Will look through my stuff tomorrow in case I have a match.

awesome thank you