LF godroll knife drain static charge

Preferably a meelee one with Aoe dmg and meele dmg(or double meelee)

Got two nice rolls. One with Ice Dmg/ Aoe Dmg/Melee Dmg, the other one with double melee dmg and mag size.

Do you happen to have urad mirv tediores like elderblasts, excellerators, superstreamers, etc ? A friend has been looking for those lately.
If not, maybe x1 Boogeymans with N2M or Consec hits ?

Dw I’ll send it regarless, I think I have you in my friendlist, just remind me what your PSN is

I know exactly who that friend is lmao he’s my bro as well. I’m looking for those as well.

I do have a boogeyman but no x1 version sadly ch

My psn was deathshot1234

Finding specific purples is a pain xD I really wanna help him so I’m searching everywhere I can :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yeah I have you on my friendlist, I’ll send both artefacts when I get back online ! Take care and happy new year