LF golden rule with a good roll

Hey guys and gals. I’m not so sure about the golden rule mod for Amara but I would really like to find one with a good roll to do some testing. If anyone could help me out with one with just all three attributes being generically beneficial I would really appreciate it and reciprocate. I have loads of anointed weapons grenades and shields including a full back pack of 100% ase gear and another full backpack of 250% cast gear lol. Some of those items being from the new dlc. Let me know if you can help and thank you.

I’ve got a few golden rules. I will need to check stats when I’m off work

Yea I got a weapon dam and shotgun dam

Thanks guys my friend sent me one with crit dmg weapon damage and damage reduction but still might like one with better skills. (2 in mindfulness and 3 in helping hands or vice versa.