Lf good amara gear

As the title says I’m looking for any good amara class mods phazezerkers ,spiritual drivers with weapon damage or and shotgun/ar/pistol damage. And good weapons for her aswell,elemental stuff preferred

Plenty to trade so let me know :slight_smile:

Any build your going for? Chast, slam or grasp cause i have some stuff.

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Grasp and phasecast buddy just started leveling up a new amara it’s so much fun.

Love this community and how everyone looks out for everyone, so dope :slight_smile:

Looking for anything in return?

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This is basically my main character. I have probably everything you are looking. I posted in my thread for a friend. Also looking for great Zane gear

What zane gear are you looking for? I have some bits and pieces

M10 guns with Sentinal Cryo 100

Are you online now? Do you have an OPQ system above mayhem 2? I have plenty of gear I could give you to help out.

GT: twiglegs69

I have a bunch of sntl cryo guns.

Ok can you let me know what you got? Any popular weapons with it

Just got up lol,I have q bunch of different opq systems all mayhem 10 anyone your looking for in particular?

I have a radiation redistributior and a x12 anarchy with 100% cryo sntl

One with 90/300 or 200 while action skill active.

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I have a 9k opq with 300/90

That’s exactly what I’m looking for bro! Do you have my GT?

Yeah I do buddy,any good amara gear in return would be great

Sent buddy

I have some relics/mods I can give you. I won’t be on for about an hour.

Sounds good no rush :slight_smile: