LF: good class mod for siren (phasezerker) flak (bounty hunter) and moze (blast master / bloodletter)

As in my title
I’m looking for a good class mod for a siren, Moze , flak,
Also looking for a good red suit shield I prefer a anointed for my flak or a neutral anointed.
Anyone ?

I have a bloodletter mod, but it doesn’t have offensive perks. Pretty sure I have a few mods for the others. I’ll check my hoard, were you looking for any particular skill perks?

Hey theonlytosser, thanks for your response .
on Moze I prefer offensive bonus stats but can you tell what you got on that class mod ? as it goes for siren the phasezerker class mod the extra skill points given on the mod don’t really matter to me but I prefer in the red tree , it’s more about the bonus stats: I last saw one On somebody else that had weapons damage Crit damage and skill cooldown rate . That would be perfect but any gun damage , grenade damage , mag size Cooldown rate would be great :slight_smile: same basically goes for flak only then on the bounty hunter class mod. If you have any of those I have a lot of stuff to trade. You looking for anything specific ?