LF good Deadeye w splash/action skill damage/crit

Looking for something without “the fast and the furryous “ skill along w weapon/splash/grenade/gun damage.

If you have anything like this lemme know what you’d like for it.

Thanks for reedinz!

I’ll look and see what I have in storage and send you copies of any good ones I might have

If you’re still looking, I’ve got 2 that might work for you, both with 1 Two F4ng & 4 Go for the Eyes:
24% Crit Dmg; 32% Gun Dmg; 63% Jakobs Accuracy
58% Jakobs Crit; 40% Heavy Weap Dmg; 63% Dahl Accuracy

Yes. Lemme know what you’re looking for in return :+1:

Sorry for late reply!
Got anything from this?

Or good anoint boom sickle/ stage coach/dark army or ASE Front Loaders ?

I can get you a boom sickle or dark army

Boom sickle :sunglasses:
Add me and I’ll send them later this afternoon (My psn is the same as my name)

Plz send me a msg on PSN so I can remember to send